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Bushtown Heritage Site is an outdoor 7 hectare site that has been established as a snapshot of the early European settler period between 1860 to 1920 and over 20 thousand native trees and shrubs have been planted by many people in the Waimate community, schools, organisations and friends of Bushtown who are supporters of the development of this heritage site


Visiting the site offers a snapshot of life in the Edwardian era in New Zealand ranging from the arrival of the first early European settlers who lived and worked in the bush in bushman's huts, to the establishment of open pit and steam operated sawmills, to a recreation of an early Edwardian main street community showing the first stores, businesses, church and homes and has a unique 10 and ¼ inch gauge miniature steam rail development being established onsite as the only miniature rail of it’s kind in New Zealand

Bushtown aims to be a visitor attraction to depict this period and is an ongoing longterm project with much of the native tree species planted are now more than 12 years old, forming a forest attracting native birds and providing a recreated forest walk on site


Bushtown is currently open to the public on a series of
annual event days or for a pre-booked guided tour

You can contact us to arrange a pre-booked
guided tour of the site 

The annual 'Steam Up Day' is held on the
second weekend of March

A Spring Open Day for members, volunteers
and Tōtara Tree Donors

Throughout the year for Tōtara Tree
planting ceremonies

2020 - 2021 COMMITTEE

Allan Laurie, Lyndsay Hossack, Neroli Batstone, Joy McIvor,
Ann Dennison, Rob Wilkins, Kevin Field, Daniel Crossen, Clare Saunders-Tack


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